Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Three

Jamie is not happy with the decision she made about Hugo. She is out partying with friends, and is constantly attempting to contact Hugo. Her friend Mason suggests that she gets help to deal with her unhappiness. Mason’s sister (who is Carolyn) “sees someone”, and it may be helpful for Jamie.

Carolyn and Palek spend the evening with friends who, it turns out, are expecting their third child. Up until now, they have told no one that they are trying to get pregnant, despite May’s suggestions that they share this with others. Well, one of them tells (I won’t say who), and of course there’s a fight. Followed, of course, by make-up sex.

Because of the current state of their relationship, Katie shares with May that she is particularly dreading their upcoming wedding anniversary. Dave takes his ten year old daughter shopping to find an anniversary present for Katie. Their daughter chooses a highly inappropriate gift. Maybe she knows what’s going on!

May and Arthur discuss John, as well as May’s work.

As we learn more about the characters, they are becoming more interesting. With more characters in the show our couples seem more real, and the plots are more involved. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

The characters and their stories are becoming more compelling. I hope the trend continues, since now that I’ve started blogging the show I feel the responsibility to keep watching!


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