Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Two

Episode two starts off with the Dave and Katie story line. As May predicted, Dave is curious about Katie’s sessions with May, and concerned that they’re talking about him. Dave has made it very clear he wants nothing to do with couples therapy.

In a therapy session following “on demand” lovemaking, Palek admits to May that he is sick of having sex because they have to. Carolyn is angry at him, so she storms out of the room, and they get into an argument outside.

Jamie and Hugo have yet to get to couples therapy. They have found a new apartment and are excited about moving in. Jamie’s doubts about Hugo’s commitment continue.

May admits to Arthur that she has received a message from John. Obviously he is someone they have known a long time, but the nature of the relationship is unspecified.

Fortunately this episode develops the characters a little more. We learn more about their other relationships-families, friends,work. This does make them more interesting. There were still scenes of graphic intimacy, so this show is definitely not for the kiddies!


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