Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Four

In this episode, HBO has definitely turned down the dial on the intimacy meter. There is only one graphic scene. Although it may prove distressing for anyone who’s ever eaten in a restaurant, I just tell myself it’s fiction. Those of you have been watching the show should have guessed that it involves Jamie, since she is a professional cook. Anyway, this is the incident that finally sends her off to see May.

Dave finally decides to join Katie in a session at May’s office. He blames his lack of desire on their mundane life, which upsets Katie. Dave seems to be looking around and seeing lots of attractive females-including some young teenagers at an ice cream shop. Look out Dave!

Carolyn purchases a pregnancy test, and uses it in the rest room at the drug store, instead of waiting until Palek is with her. When it indicates she is not pregnant, she trashes the rest room, then visits Palek at work to tell him. At home, she confesses something about her past. Palek is angry enough to miss their session with May. And then he goes to buy a suit and starts flirting with the sales girl.

There are lots of warning signs for relationships in this episode. To add a note of interest, Dave and Palek actually meet for the first time. The intertwining of the characters’ lives should definitely perk things up.


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