The Five People You Meet in Heaven


Who are the five people you meet in heaven? I don’t know, but they’re different from the people I will meet in heaven. This book follows the death and afterlife of Eddie, a bitter and lonely elderly man. He meets five people whose paths have crossed his during his lifetime. Each of them explains a part of his life to him. The fifth person points out what the true meaning and purpose of his life has been.

The entire scenario doesn’t seem to jive with any religious tradition I have ever heard about, but who knows? Mitch Albom’s theory is as good as any other. But why five people?

The most authentic and touching part of the book comes at the end of the acknowkledgments. Albom thanks his uncle, the real Eddie. I might actually like to read his real life story.

Published in hardcover-Hyperion 2003
Softcover edition-Time Warner Paperbacks 2004


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