Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Five

Dave shows up unexpectedly at Katie’s session with May. They are both quite surprised when May suggests that they spend a half-hour every day in their bedroom with the door locked. The very suggestion makes them uncomfortable. As a veteran TV viewer, I was certainly not surprised at what Dave does by himself behind the locked door!

After telling one friend that she swearing off sex, Jamie makes a play for Anya’s ex-boyfriend. Fortunately, he is wise enough to avoid her.

Carolyn and Palek have one session of insemination-I don’t think it’s ever been seen on TV quite like this. After completing an internet search of early signs of pregnancy, Carolyn is convinced that she is pregnant. Of course she is not, and decides to give up trying. Meanwhile, we learn that Palek has not spoken to his father in three years. His father has been calling him lately, and he tries to deal with that.

May has canceled a scheduled lunch with John, her old friend. Arthur keeps pushing her to meet with John, yet she remains reluctant. Arthur wants to make sure that May’s feeling for John are all in the past.

Overall, this was a slow episode. Our characters seem rather laid back for people dealing with such difficult problems. As usual, there is not a tremendous amount of dialog-I think this show could use some more.


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