Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Six

After deciding to give up on the idea of having a child, Carolyn and Palek decide to stop seeing May. When Palek tells Carolyn he doesn’t think he ever wants children, she of course is disappointed. Palek also declares that he has never been happy in their house, and he wants to sell it.

May tells Dave and Katie not to have sex, since it’s not the most important thing in a marriage. This might be the one piece of advice that gets them moving.

Jamie finally has sex with Nick, although she realizes that they are just using each other. Nick invites her to attend a family function with him. She does, but quickly realizes that this is a mistake.

May finally meets with her old flame, John. They only have coffee and chat a bit.

So-the plots are moving along. There a number of graphic sex scenes, as well as some characters getting high. This episode is definitely not for the kiddies!


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