The Brave One


I’m not a big fan of movie violence, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see a Jodie Foster movie. Foster plays Erica Bain, the host of a radio talk show in New York City, “the safest big city in the world”. While walking their dog in Central Park, she and her fiance are attacked by three thugs, one of whom videotapes the scene. David, her fiance, is killed, Erica is critically wounded, and their dog is stolen.

Terrence Howard plays Detective Mercer, who sees Erica in the hospital while attending to another case. He believes that “Most everybody lies. The dead can’t.” A good motto for a homicide detective!
Shortly after being released from the hospital, Erica purchases an illegal gun. Is she thinking about self-protection, or revenge? She quickly begins dispensing vigilante justice, and the movie audience cheers for her. Detective Mercer investigates those homicides and, of course, begins to suspect Erica.

Foster looks gaunt, sleepless and angry as Erica. She is definitely believable as the vengeful vigilante. And the next time someone says “I want my dog back”, you’ll hand over the leash. I thought this was a very well done movie. It is violent, and not for those with a delicate nature. Otherwise-go see it!


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