Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Seven

In this episode, all the couples move forward in their relationships. Hugo shows up unexpectedly at Jamie’s door, with predictable results. He also accompanies her to a session with May, but that doesn’t work out so well.

Carolyn and Palek fight over selling their house, but Palek accepts an offer from someone who wants to take possession of the house within 20 days. When Carolyn is at the new house with Mason, Palek returns to the clothing store. He suggestively tells the attractive saleswoman that he is looking for “something new”. Carolyn takes a look at her calendar, realizes something is not quite right, and takes a home pregnancy test. Guess what?

Dave and Katie have the opportunity to spend the night by themselves, since their children are staying with Katie’s mother. Dave’s dream night is to memorize the menu on his new TIVO; Katie’s is to take a long, hot bath. They are quite comfortable and satisfied with May’s suggestion that they don’t even try to have sex.

Meanwhile, May has met with John, and she tells Arthur that she has broken it off with John for good.

This episode has lots of adult content-it’s not for the squeamish. But I did enjoy it because there was a lot happening. There are only three more episodes this season, so I’m hoping the plot will continue to move along.


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