Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Eight

Things have turned around for our couples in this episode. In their session May tries to get Dave and Katie to discuss their sexual experiences. Katie is unable to actually have this discussion. She states her wish to stop therapy, while Dave wishes to continue. He likens therapy to cleaning out the garage. You put all this stuff out in the middle of the garage floor, but you can’t use the garage until you put it all away. Well said, Dave. Outside of the session, Katie expresses her desire to have another baby, while their daughter Isabella is discovering her own body.

After learning that Carolyn is pregnant, Palek goes to see May by himself. He is adamant that he does not wish to be a father. Of course May easily uncovers the fact that it has to do with Palek’s father abandoning the family when Palek was little. May suggests that Palek and Carolyn return to therapy together to explore this.

Jamie’s new boyfriend, Nick, has made tentative steps towards moving in with her. Unfortunately, the sex gets bad, but they decide to continue on with their relationship anyway.

We see May and Arthur together at dinner, and learn that they have never had children because May did not want to share Arthur with anyone.

Most of this episode concerned Dave and Katie. Hopefully, the final two episodes will feature more of the other couples so they become more interesting!


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