Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Nine

This episode begins with Katie having a chat with her friend, Rita, who has decided to leave her husband, Dan. Katie is very upset, but of course she is unsuccessful in talking Rita out of it. Katie arranges a job interview for herself, and ends up spending a day shopping, while canceling her appointment with May, and asking a friend to pick up the kids after school. Since she didn’t tell Dave about any of this, he is understandably perplexed when he shows up alone at May’s, and decides to have the session on his own. He discusses his lack of desire for Katie, although he still loves her.

After her session with May, Jamie comes to the conclusion that she is falling in love with Nick, but tells him she wants to slow down. He is obviously not happy about that.

Palek is reluctant to tell his mother that he and Carolyn are expecting. After viewing an early sonogram, Carolyn is very excited. When she returns to work, she abruptly walks out of a meeting and tells her boss “get someone else”. She then calls Palek at work to tell him that she just quit. Palek then gets some bad news about the house they are selling. He then has a full blown panic attack, landing in the emergency room. At their session with May, which ends the episode, Carolyn is shocked that Palek announces that he has been unhappy for a very long time and wishes to separate.

Well-there is only one more episode left this season. At least May and Arthur are getting along!


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