Tell Me You Love Me-Episode Ten

This is the last episode for this season. The series has been renewed by HBO. Until it does actually return to TV, therapy junkies will be able to watch HBO’s new series In Treatment premiering January 28. This series stars Gabriel Byrne as a therapist. Episodes will air Monday through Friday, with the same patient returning on the same day each week.

Anyway, back to our couples. In the beginning of the show, May receives the devastating news that her friend John has died suddenly. Despite being terribly upset, and against Arthur’s wishes, she does not take any time off. She does not seem to do a very effective job, especially with Jamie.

Jamie has run into Hugo at the same gas station where they broke up. When relating this very important news to May, Jamie seems to sense May’s lack of interest and focus. May’s seeming indifference may be the impetus in Jamie and Hugo taking their relationship to a new level.

Carolyn and Palek meet in May’s office. This was at Carolyn’s request, since she had some things she wanted to tell Palek. Carolyn was bitter and angry. Palek was resigned to being an absent father and husband.

At their session with May, Dave and Katie are both upset that their relationship may be at a difficult juncture. Things might actually work out for them, though.

Overall, I’d say this first season of Tell Me You Love Me has been blessedly different from the usual TV fare. I hope the producers can keep the situations and the couples intriguing enough to make enough people want to watch.


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