Michael Clayton


This movie, starring George Clooney, has all the elements of an exciting thriller. You have the huge, evil corporation; the overpriced lawyers who defend the evil doings of the evil corporation; and you have the little guy fighting for justice. In this case, however, the little guy is George Clooney driving around in a Mercedes. Not so sympathetic.

Clooney’s character, Michael Clayton, is the “janitor” of a large law firm. That is, he is the lawyer the other lawyers send in to clean up people’s messes-i.e. as the film opens Clayton receives a call to assist an important client who has been involved in a hit and run accident. Clayton has an ex-wife and a son, Henry, who seems to be there to make him a more believable character.

Clayton also has his own troubled family to content with. They’re not very interesting, either. Anyway, this is not a great movie, but it was worth seeing on a rainy day when not much else was going on.

The best thing I can say about Michael Clayton is that no man wears a suit better than George Clooney!


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