Lions for Lambs


Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise-how can you go wrong? Well, I’ll tell you. While Lions for Lambs has an intriguing premise, it’s basically just talk, talk, talk.

Tom Cruise plays a U.S. Senator who invites Meryl Streep, a reporter, to his office for a one-hour exclusive interview about a new military initiative in Afghanistan. At the same time Robert Redford, a political science professor at a fictional California university, invites a student to his office to discuss the student’s lack of interest in academics. Meanwhile, two former students of the Professor, now Army rangers, are in the forefront of the above mentioned military initiative-and things don’t look so good for them.

The movie visits these simultaneously unfolding stories, and only the audience is able to see the intersection.

However-that’s all I can actually comment on this movie. With about fifteen minutes left in the movie, the theater was evacuated. The management gave no indication when patrons would be able to return to the theater, so I went home! I’ll probably wait until it’s on HBO!


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