Enchanting! Go see it. Enchanted is great fun. Disney does a great job of self-mockery in this future classic. The story begins in the animated land of Andalasia where Giselle is preparing to marry Edward, the prince of her dreams. His evil step-mother intervenes, and sends Giselle on a trip down a magic “wishing well”, and she ends up in present day Times Square, where the animation becomes live action. Of course Edward follows her, and many predictable escapades ensue.

Throughout the movie there are references to other Disney movies. As the novelty of the movie wears off and the story drags a bit, you can easily distract yourself by searching for those references.

Enchanted is rated PG, which is probably a good thing. I’d say that Susan Sarandon makes a frightening wicked step-mother. The only disappointment is that Idina Menzel has a very small role, and she doesn’t sing. What a waste of talent.

As an aside, I saw this at the same theater where I saw Lions for Lambs. I had the ticket stubs from when we were evacuated from the theater, and they were kind enough to give us free tickets to Enchanted. But-about twenty minutes before the end of the movie, it just stopped and the lights came on. But it did restart in about three minutes, so I did see the whole thing. I don’t think I’ll be returning to that theater any time soon.


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