27 Dresses


27 Dresses is a fun movie. Unlike many movies, the trailers and the publicity showcase exactly what is is-a cute romantic comedy. I don’t really know much about Katherine Heigl; I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy and I didn’t see Knocked Up. Anyway, Heigl plays a young woman named Jane. As the movie opens, she is trying on a wedding gown for a friend. She then gets the gown to her friend in time for the wedding. Jane hires a cab driver for the evening, and shuttles back and forth between two weddings at which she serves as bridesmaid. This, of course, involves changing clothes in the cab and a number of comedic slip-ups.

Jane meets a man named Kevin-James Marsden– at one wedding, and he seems intrigued by her comings and goings. In fact, he is the only one that does notice. He escorts her home in her cab, and retrieves her all-important filofax from the floor of the cab. Instead of returning it to her, he reads it and shows up at her next appointment. This might seem a bit stalker-like, but it was cute.

Anyway, as the movie continues we learn that Jane has always taken care of other people and neglected her own needs. The relationship between Jane and Kevin proceeds as movie relationships generally do-attraction, conflict, resolution.

If you’re looking for a fun movie that doesn’t tax your brain or emotions too much, this is it!

27 Dresses


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