A Chorus Line


There it was, Sunday morning, and our plans for the entire day were scuttled due to a friend’s sudden illness. My fellow traveler suggested that we take in a movie. I said OK, then thought to myself-I can do better than that! So I went online to see if any show had available seats for the afternoon. Sure enough, the only show I was interested in was A Chorus Line. And there were seats available.

After a brief consultation I made the purchase, printed out my receipt, and off we went. While I had not seen this production of A Chorus Line, I will admit that I had seen it twice during its original Broadway run. I dug out my my copies of Playbill from those performances. I actually saw Bebe Neuwirth in the role of Lois (not one of the major roles); at the time her only professional credit was A Chorus Line. I need to admit that A Chorus Line is my favorite Broadway show ever, and I have listened to the music countless times.

I am pleased to report that this production is nearly identical to the original. Even the costumes seem to have been taken out of storage and sent to the cleaners. The producers did not feel the need to update the show-it is still set in 1975. A Chorus Line is one of those rarities that has stood the test of time. It is real, and moving, and I hope this is not the last time I’ll see it.

A Chorus Line – The New Broadway Cast Recording (2006 Broadway Revival Cast)


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  1. Posted by jimmmymac on January 29, 2008 at 10:49 am

    I enjoyed your review of the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line. Yes, it remains a gem of the Great White Way and I, too, am glad this new production remained true to its origins. Why mess with success? For me, the appeal of A Chorus Line (besides its fabulous score, entertaining dialogue and remarkable dancing)is the simple message that A Chorus Line delivers: Believe in yourself, try your best and maybe the breaks will fall your way and you’ll get that part on the dancing line (or that job, or that house, etc. Whatever your dream might be.)


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