Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club


Thanks to LibraryThing Early Reviewer for sending me this book! I hadn’t heard of Maggie Marr or the original book in this series Hollywood Girls Club. It’s always fun to read about inside Hollywood and, I gather from her bio, Maggie Marr is a Hollywood insider. I will say, though, that I have read much better books in the genre. Even Jackie Collins’ books (Hollywood Wives, etc.) are better reads.

Most of the characters in the book are shallow and unsympathetic. And in this day and age, does anyone in Hollywood really want to keep any secrets? Nobody cares if the leading man is gay, or if the hot new actress is a transsexual (not a transvestite-there is a difference-maybe some more copy editing is in order!).

The book kept referring to events from the previous book, with little explanation-that was annoying. I did get through it quickly, and it was amusing. So-for an afternoon’s distraction-go ahead and read this.


Published in hardcover-Crown Publishers-2008

Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club


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