Over the Edge


For some reason, I really enjoy Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels. Yes, they are formulaic, but the situations are always so different that it doesn’t matter. Over The Edge was first published in 1987. I was looking for an airplane book, and saw it in Borders, not realizing it was 20 years old! I’m still not 100% sure I didn’t read it years ago.

The only problem with reading the Alex Delaware novels out of sequence is the overall development of the recurring characters. Since you know where they are heading in their personal lives, it takes some of the interest out of the story.

As always, Kellerman develops the plot really well. There is a crime, a seemingly obvious suspect, lots of red herrings, numerous excursions into the seamier side of Los Angeles as well as an excursion into the dusty, poor regions north of LA. And of course Milo, Alex’s LAPD detective friend, is on the job.

This was a great book to read on a very long airplane ride. Not too complex, easy to put down when the pretzels are distributed, and easy to pick up again. If you enjoy the who-done-it and haven’t read this one yet, I’d recommend this.


Published in hardcover- Athaneum-1987
Softcover edition-Ballantine Books-2004

Over the Edge (Alex Delaware)


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