Journey to the Center of the Earth:3D 3D is awesome. I realize that in ten years (or five years or two years) the technology in this movie will seem, well, prehistoric, but right now it’s a lot of fun. Journey to the Center of the Earth is, of course, loosely based on the Jules Verne novel. The story is not groundbreaking. The characters are not well-developed or even that interesting, but it doesn’t matter. Brendan Fraser plays scientist Trevor Anderson, who takes off for Iceland with his nephew to find the brother who went missing ten years ago. Trevor, his nephew Sean, and their guide, Hannah, get trapped in a cave. In an effort to find their way out, they find the “other world” of the movie’s promos. There, they find all kinds of Vernean wonders: diamonds as large as a man’s fist; bioluminescent birds; fossilized mushrooms; magnetic fields; and rampaging dinosaurs, to name a few.

There is no great dialog, or even much tension is this action film. However, it’s worth the price of admission when Trevor Anderson brushes his teeth at the beginning of the movie. Not every theater has 3D capability, so double check before you go. And don’t worry about wearing the silly glasses. Everyone in the theater has them on.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Unabridged Classics)


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