Why Women Should Rule the World


From January 1993 through December 1994, Dee Dee Myers served as the press secretary for President Bill Clinton. She was the first woman, and the youngest person, ever to hold the job. Throughout her career, Myers has had the opportunity to meet and work with many powerful and interesting women. In this book, she uses her many contacts to help build her case.

Myers also uses the results of many research studies that have shown how, and why, women should be included at all levels of business and government. Why Women Should Rule the World is very well-written and well-researched (20 pages of end notes and a 4 page bibliography). That said, this book does not seem to make any ground-breaking statements. It’s basically everything we’ve heard, but put together in an appealing, attractive manner.

I did enjoy reading this book. I do believe, however, it will have a limited shelf life. Myers often refers to very recent events, including those that occurred last year or this year. History will determine if readers of the future even know what she is referring to.

I had received a free, signed copy of this book a few months ago when I attended a breakfast at which Myers spoke. Her talk included many of the anecdotes in this book, so that made much of the book redundant for me. That, of course, should not be an issue for most people.


Published in hardcover-HarperCollins-2008

Why Women Should Rule the World


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