The Dark Knight


Well, I finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight, the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Batman movies. It really was not a priority for me to see this movie, since I figured that teen age boys were really the demographic it was aimed at. To my surprise, I actually liked it.

The Dark Knight has a stellar cast. And they were all at their best. The late Heath Ledger was truly an accomplished actor. His portrayal of The Joker, the archvillain of this movie, was amazing. Ledger’s Joker was scary, creepy, and not at all campy like Jack Nicholson’s. And it was light years beyond Cesar Romero’s in the original Batman TV series.

As Batman, Christian Bale far surpassed his own portrayal from Batman Begins. He is a much more convincing Batman. As a bonus, his gadgets and vehicles are better than in the previous movie. Special mention must be made of Maggie Gyllenhall, who does a much better job in the role of Rachel Dawes than Katie Holmes. And the rest of the cast was quite good as well.

The movie is dark and sinister. The sound track keeps pounding away throughout the film. But the action never stops and it is a thrilling movie.

The Dark Knight: Featuring Production Art and Full Shooting Script


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