Wall-E, the animated Disney film, is absolutely charming. Wall-E, the robot, is irresistible. Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class has spent 700 years cleaning up the planet. He compacts and stacks the trash one cube at a time. His only companion is a plucky cockroach. In his spare time, Wall-E watches a clip from Hello Dolly! No, Wall-E is not your ordinary robot.

One day, a space ship lands and out comes Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, a state of the art probe deployed by Axiom. Wall-E is enamored of EVE, and he hitch a ride on the ship when it returns EVE to her home in space. And then the complications begin.

Like other Disney/Pixar ventures, Wall-E is extremely well done. It will appeal to all ages. There is very little dialog, but those who are too young to follow the plot will nevertheless be captivated by the the music, the action, and of course the robots. I’d recommend this to anyone, except for anyone who is really a curmudgeon.

Wall-E (Wall-E and Eve) Movie Poster Print – 24″ X 36″


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