Eagle Eye


Shia LaBeouf plays Jerry Shaw, an underachiever who can’t pay his rent with the wages from his job at Copy Cabana. He can’t even get money from his ATM. Then, his twin brother suddenly dies in an “accident”. Returning to his run down Chicago apartment from his brother’s funeral, he stops at the ATM to deposit a check from his father. Lo and behold, there is over $700,000 in his bank account, and he can’t scoop up the money fast enough. When he gets home, his apartment is full of packages that have been delivered in his absence. Unfortunately for Jerry, these packages all contain weapons, ammunition, and explosives. His cell phone rings. A woman’s voice tells him he has 30 seconds to get out before the FBI comes to arrest him. And then the fun begins.

Eagle Eye is an action packed adventure, fueled by the idea that someone is monitoring every move we make (even you reading this!). There are cameras everywhere, and “they” can pick up every word you say, even when your cell phone is turned off. The only hope is to remove the battery.

This movie has chase scenes, car crashes, assassination plots, and even a little romance. It also has the most devious computer on screen since HAL made us frightened of new technology in 1968. The voice of Aria (not credited) is that of a placid woman, but she has devised a deadly plot, and carries it out with brutal efficiency.

Shia LaBeouf is fairly good in this movie. Michelle Monaghan seems out of place. Billy Bob Thornton is, well, Billy Bob Thornton. The real star is the action and the computer. It was a lot of fun. In some locations, it’s playing in IMAX and if I had the time to see it again, I’d probably do that.

Eagle Eye


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