Where Are You Now?


Mary Higgins Clark-what else can I say? This book came my way when I was looking for a little distraction and light reading. Perfect! If I hadn’t promised myself to write a post about every book I read, I wouldn’t have bothered with this entry.

Let’s face it, Clark’s books are all pretty much the same. Her astounding popularity, and ability to sell books, have always perplexed me. Where Are You Now? is slightly better than the last MHC book I read (don’t remember the title). It’s a mystery, with the requisite red herrings thrown in.

I really have nothing else to say about this book. If you’re a fan of MHC, read it.


Published in hard cover-Simon & Schuster-2008
Softcover edition-Pocket Books to be published March 2009

Where Are You Now?: A Novel


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