Liam Neeson is the new action hero-who knew? In Taken, he plays the father of  a young woman who is kidnapped while on vacation in Paris. Sadly for the kidnappers, Neeson is a retired secret agent (CIA?). So, off he jets from LA to Paris to find his daughter and exact his revenge. Fun!

In these uncertain times, it’s great to have a real hero, as well as a real villain (or many of them). Through his network of contacts, Neeson learns that the kidnappers are Albanians whose speciality is abducting young women, addicting them to heroin, and turning them into prostitutes. How dastardly! Fortunately, Neeson has all the skills necessary to take care of these thugs.

He is convincingly expert in firearms, martial arts, and electronics. Neeson is single handedly responsible for the deaths of at least 20 of the bad guys, and we’re cheering him on all the way. Yes, there are other cast members, but Taken is Liam Neeson’s show. It’s not for the squeamish or the kiddies, but fine for anyone else.

Taken 27 x 40 (approx.) Poster


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