Star Trek

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Star Trek for weeks.  I grew up a fan of the original TV show, and have seen all the Star Trek movies to date. This was by far the best. For anyone who might have been living under a rock for the last week, Star Trek tells the story of the young crew of the Enterprise. We meet Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk as boys. We next meet the Enterprise regulars as they are entering Starfleet Academy.

The technology used to make Star Trek is light years  (or parsecs?) beyond the previous movies, and truly makes the original TV series seem laughable.

The villain in this movie is the  Romulan Nero. He is the commander of the mining vessel Narada. He is looking to destroy the planet Vulcan, and particularly Mr. Spock. His reasoning is too convoluted to explain, but it involves travel through time and a thirst for revenge.

There are definitely some flaws and inconsistencies in this movie, as the Trekkies are quick to point out. However, it’s a very entertaining two hours. Go see it!

Star Trek Movie Tie-In


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