Rules of Vengeance

I have never paid attention to Christopher Reich or any of his books.  However, I went to CVS to buy some sunscreen that I could take in a carry-on for my recent trip to Florida, and I was looking for an airplane book. Rules of Vengeance seemed to be the most promising of the sad and tiny selection.

It is the second book about Dr. Jonathan Ransom, a physician with Doctors Without Borders who is married to a woman who calls herself Emma. That, of course, is not her real name. Emma is an operative with Division, a secret (fictional) Pentagon department devoted to black ops. Emma has gone rogue after foiling an attempt to blow up a passenger airplane, and is now on the run from Division. Jonathan meets her briefly in London, where he has been invited to speak at a medical conference.

Most of the action in this thriller takes place in London. Lord Robert Russell is murdered, and the hunt for his killer begins. The investigation is headed by Detective Chief Inspector Kate Ford, of the London Metropolitan Police. The next day, a car bomb is detonated. Emma and Jonathan are now being hunted by  Division, MI5, and FSB, the Russian secret intelligence agency.

This book is fast-moving, intelligent and interesting. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good thriller.


Published in hardcover-Doubleday-2009
Softcover edition-Anchor Books-2010

Rules of Vengeance


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