Mother and Child

It’s almost shocking that this fine movie has received such a limited release. The cast is stellar: Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, Samuel L. Jackson, Cherry Jones, Jimmy Smits, Kerry Washington, and a host of other accomplished actors. The writing and the acting are superb. The story is intelligent, moving and believable.

The plot centers on Karen (Bening), a middle-aged single woman who lives with and cares for her elderly mother. At the age of 14, Karen gave birth to a baby girl who she gave up for adoption. We meet 37 year old Elizabeth Joyce (Naomi Watts) as she is interviewing for a position with a law firm led by Paul (Samuel L. Jackson).  Meanwhile Lucy (Kerry Washington) and Joseph are looking to adopt a baby through an agency and are being interviewed by Sister Joanne (Cherry Jones).

Through the years, Karen has been keeping a journal consisting of letters written to her unknown daughter. When her mother dies, Karen is finally free to pursue a relationship with Paco (Jimmy Smiths) who she has met at work. Paco encourages her to try and find her daughter. Meanwhile, Lucy and Paul are hoping a young woman will approve them as adoptive parents of her unborn child.

The lives of these characters intersect in unpredictable ways. There is a tremendous amount of sadness in this movie, as well as redemptive and transformative moments. If you get the opportunity, go see Mother and Child.

Mother and Child


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