Toy Story 3D

The geniuses at Pixar have done it again. Toy Story 3  is not just a really good animated movie. It’s a really good movie! In addition to the fine animation, TS3 is a movie with a good story and great characters.

Most of the characters are familiar to anyone who has seen the previous movies in the Toy Story franchise, but there are a few newbies. Most notably there is the villain, a pink strawberry scented stuffed toy named Lots-O’-Huggin Bear. And of course there is Big Baby. What house with children has not had a soft-bodied baby doll with vinyl limbs and eyes that open and close? The new toys are residents of the Sunnyside Day Care Center.

As Andy prepares to leave for college, he cleans out his room. His toys are either consigned to the attic or placed in the box to be donated to Sunnyside. While the toys are apprehensive about their destination, the family is very busy and some of the toys end up in the wrong place. The toys that end up in Sunnyside at first seem quite happy as they believe that in day care they will be played with constantly.They soon realize that the toys in Sunnyside are subject to the whims of Lots-O’, who forces all the new toys into the toddler room, where the children do not know how to play properly with the toys.

Will the toys be able to escape from Sunnyside and end up in Andy’s attic where they belong? With Woody (still Andy’s favorite and the calm and reasonable leader of all the toys) in charge we can hope that things will work out just fine.

TS3 is not just for kids. There are subtleties that will be lost on the youngest viewers. Many adults will be nostalgic for toys that have not so popular lately. I will say that this movie is for nearly everyone, except perhaps for some sensitive young children who might be frightened by some of the scarier moments. I saw TS3 in 3D, but I don’t think it’s necessary. If you get motion sickness from 3D or just don’t like wearing the glasses, you won’t miss anything by seeing Toy Story 3 without the 3D. It’s more important to see this movie. And if you don’t shed a tear or two, there is something wrong with you!

Toy Story 3


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