Inception-Guest Review

Inception is a good movie, and worth the ticket price. Christopher Nolan directs a well paced, thrilling heist movie set in dreams. Leonardo Di Caprio plays Cobb, a man who leads a team of people who enter dreams to access the hidden depths of others. He is assisted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur, and Ellen Page as a new recruit. It is through the training of the recruit that the audience is introduced to the well defined rules that govern the abilities of those who enter dreams. This section is the only part of the film that drags, but it is necessary, because the rest of the film may have been unintelligible without it. Throughout the rest of the film explanations are necessary and given, but in a manner that serves the story, not the other way around.

This movie was fun as a mental exercise, in tracking of the events of the story and the how the rules impacted them. Leonardo Di Caprio is great, and Ellen Page is nice as the character she always plays, but I think the breakout star of this was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His role is pragmatic, physical, and stylish. Action stars in great suits have been an iconic since before the Green Hornet.

There’s plenty of questions left at the end, and it seems this movie has found a mystery making mystique similar to that occupied by Lost. If you are interested in an excitable discussion regarding fictional characters in a fictional universe, go and see Inception!

Guest Review by contributor SaltyMule

Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]


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