The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is one of those books that are released to a great deal of fanfare, sell lots of copies, and go on to become even more popular. A year after its release I requested it from the library, and I was number 805 in the queue (previous high about 280). I thought I’d have to buy this book but, through luck and a quirk in the system, I received my copy after less than two months.

Well-I’ve been quite busy. I started this review over a week ago, and have not had a chance to finish it. So this will be the first of a few capsule reviews, since I really need to catch up.

This is a story about a young woman who has graduated from college in Mississippi in 1962, and gone home to live with her parents on their cotton plantation outside of Jackson. She has finally become aware of the plight of “the help”; the African-American (or colored as they refer to them when being kind) women whose services as nanny and housekeeper make the lives of white women easy. In an attempt to let their voices be heard, she tries to write a book full of their stories.

This is a good read, and an uncomfortable topic is handled in a sensitive way. Go for it!


Published in hardcover-Putnam-2009
Softcover edition to be published- Berkley Trade-2011

The Help Deluxe Edition


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