Dinner for Schmucks

Yes, I admit it. I went to see Dinner for Schmucks and I did enjoy it. I have not really liked anything that Steve Carell (playing Barry) has done on the big screen-his talents seem suited perfectly for television. This, however, was quite clever and funny.

Paul Rudd (Tim) plays an ambitious executive who finds that his ability to rise in his company depends on the quality of the “idiot” he can bring to his boss’s monthly dinner. When he (literally) runs into Barry he knows he has found the perfect guest. Barry is a lonely IRS employee who spend his free time designing tableaux with dead mice he has found. Of course Barry is such a schmuck he messes things up for Tim and his girlfriend, while managing to cause a house fire at the home of Tim’s boss.

But funniest of all is Jemaine Clement, who plays an odd, and oddly popular artist. He may be best known to fans of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords. He is over-the-top funny.

I know this movie sounds really silly, but it’s a good summer flick.

Dinner for Schmucks


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