Fair Game

I highly recommend this movie. It tells the true story of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson. If you go back a few years, you may remember that Valerie Wilson was the CIA covert operative who was outed by Scooter Libby in retaliation for an op-ed that her husband wrote for the New York Times. In it, Joe Wilson made the claim that the Bush administration pre-text for beginning the Iraq war was based on false information.

Fair Game covers much familiar ground. This entire story was played out in the press. Valerie Plame testified before congress. Scooter Libby was convicted of various federal charges relating to this incident. A portion of his sentence was commuted by President George W. Bush.

Valerie and Joe Wilson have moved to Sante Fe, New Mexico and no longer work for the Federal government. They have both written books which are the basis of this movie: Fair Game by Valerie Plame Wilson and The Politics of Truth by Jospeh Wilson.

This movie concerns an important area of recent U.S. history. Naomi Watts and Sean Penn do a fine job of portraying the Plames. If you get the chance, see it!

Fair Game [Blu-ray]


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