The Confession

John Grisham has had many best-sellers. Some much better than others. The Confession ranks up there with the better of his books.  In addition to strong characters and a compelling plot, it carries an important message.

A young man named Donte Drumm is on death row in a Texas prison. He is days away from execution for a murder he claims he did not commit. In Topeka, Kansas Travis Boyette walks into the office of Keith Schroeder, a Lutheran minister. Travis almost confesses to the murder for which Drumm is incarcerated.

And so this story begins. Is Travis’ tale believable? He says he is dying of a brain tumor and wishes to set things right. Meanwhile the police, the D.A., and the entire Texas judicial system believe that the killer has been brought to justice. We soon meet Robbie Flak, a colorful defense attorney who has spent years fighting for Drumm’s life.

The Confession touches on many important social themes. The divisions between the races in the United States. The inequalities in the justice system. And of course the death penalty. Grisham does seem to get a bit preachy at times, but I think this is one of his most important books. I highly recommend it!


Published in hardcover-Doubleday-2010
Softcover edition-Cornerstone-to be published March 2011

The Confession


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