The Informationist

This debut novel by Taylor Stevens introduces us to the latest female action hero Vanessa Michael Munroe.  Munroe has awesome skills with martial arts, knives and guns. But most of all she is extraordinarily smart. She is fluent is 22 languages, is a master of disguise, and of course is drop-dead gorgeous!

Munroe is the informationist. She is hired by multi-national corporations to obtain information from all parts of the globe. Her information is extremely valuable, as she is able to understand local history, legends, and culture, and put the information into its proper context. When Munroe is hired by Texas oil baron Richard Burbank to locate his daughter, who went missing while on vacation in Africa four years ago, this story begins.

Normally Munroe does not accept this type of job, but the large paycheck that has been guaranteed whether or not she succeeds has intrigued her. Burbank’s only stipulation is that she take his security consultant, Miles Bradford, with her. While Munroe normally works alone, she agrees to this.

Things begin to wrong as soon as Munroe and Bradford arrive in Africa. The question is-who wants them to fail in their mission to find Emily, and why? As the book progresses, we learn a  more of Munroe’s skills and how she acquired them. We meet people from her past who may or may not be glad to see her.

The Informationist is a fast-paced exciting thriller. I highly recommend this new book, and I look forward to further novels in this series.

Oh-and don’t bother to google Taylor Stevens. Apparently there is a porn star by the same name who is much more famous. But probably not for long!


Published in hardcover-Crown-2011
The Informationist: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel


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