Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

In the last few months, there has been extensive buzz  about Amy Chua’s  Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. People seem furious over her methods of “Chinese” mothering.  She is very strict with her children. They must get only A’s in school. She allows no sleepovers or play dates, and requires hours of piano or violin practice daily, in addition to tutoring in Mandarin. To many “Western” parents, she seems like an ogre.

The critics of Chua’s child-rearing techniques clearly have not read this book. In it, Chua admits her errors, particularly with her younger daughter. And her daughters seem to be happy, successful, caring young women.

Most important of all, this book is a memoir. It does not pretend to be a child-rearing manual or a manifesto on the best child-rearing technique. And as a memoir is funny, well-written and interesting. I definitely recommend this book very highly!


Published in hardcover-Penguin Press-2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother


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