The Tenth Song

The Tenth Song is the latest book by the very popular Naomi Ragen. On the surface it is the story of a family whose comfortable lives have been wrenched apart by the arrest of the husband/father. This story actually becomes the tale of the journey towards self-discovery (the mother) and towards maturity (the daughter).

Adam Samuels is a successful and respected accountant in Boston. His family belongs to an Orthodox synagogue. His children are intelligent, well-educated, and making their own lives.  His wife Abigail enjoys running their beautiful home and their active social life. Without warning, Adam is arrested at his office by FBI agents. He is accused of funneling money to a terrorist organization.

At the time of his arrest, the Samuels’ younger daughter, Kayla, has just become engaged to a fellow student at Harvard Law School. When her fiance suggests distancing themselves from her parents for the sake of their own future careers, Kayla runs off to Israel alone. She ends up working at an archeological dig, and living in a commune near the Dead Sea. Adam eventually sends Abigail to Israel to bring Kayla back home. When Abigail arrives at the commune, her own inner journey begins.

The Tenth Song seemed shallow and full of cliches. I think it could have had a lot more depth and passion. The characters were more like caricatures-good wife, spoiled daughter, ambitious future son-in-law. But it was entertaining and a good read, with an interesting and satisfying ending.


Published in hardcover-St. Martin’s Press-2010
Softcover edition-to be published-St. Martin’s Griffin-October 2011
The Tenth Song


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