Heat Wave

The best that I can say about this new novel from Nancy Thayer is that is a good beach book, if you like your beach books easy to read and predictable. Unfortunately for me, I live in the northeast where it has been cool and rainy and I am weeks away from getting near a beach!

The story centers on Carley Winsted and her two daughters. Carley’s husband has died unexpectedly, leaving the family alone. They live in a rambling old house on Nantucket that came from the Winsted family. When Carley realizes that she cannot afford to maintain her lifestyle, she decides to open a Bed and Breakfast. Well-apparently renovating an old house, getting proper permits, and designing a website that attracts guests is easily accomplished on Nantucket.

Throw in some girl drama with Carley’s best friends and a romance with her late husband’s best friend and voila! Beach book.

Anyway, thanks once again to theĀ  LibraryThing Early Reviewer program for sending this book to me. It wasn’t terrible, and it was a bit distracting.


Hardcover edition-to be published June 2011-Ballantine Books
Heat Wave: A Novel


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