In the cozy New York suburb of The Hollows, all is not well. A teenage girl, Charlene Murray, is missing. Jones Cooper is a detective who is leading the search. He recalls the case of another missing girl. He was a teenager in The Hollows when Sarah Meyers went missing and was later found dead. Charlene’s mother remembers it well, as she and Jones were somehow involved in that case.

Fragile is another book that travels between the past and the present, but not always so smoothly. Lisa Unger is popular writer, but this is the first book of hers that I have read. For me Fragile was confusing. It was not always so clear which time period we were in, as many of the characters were the same. And the names were confusing, I had trouble remembering who was who.

This book was insubstantial. The premise has been done much more effectively in other books. Overall,  I would not bother with Fragile.


Published in hardcover-Crown-2010
Softcover edition-Vintage-2011

Fragile (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)


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