Goodnight Nobody

Jennifer Weiner

Yes-Jennifer Weiner’s books are the very definition of chick lit. And yes, I always enjoy them! Goodnight Nobody is no exception. It is well-written, with interesting characters, and a good story line. Weiner’s generalizations and characterizations of the minor characters are spot-on and hilarious. I’m constantly thinking-I know that woman!

Goodnight Nobody is the story of Kate Klein, a mother of three who has, sadly for her,ended up living in the tony Connecticut suburb of Upchurch. Kate doesn’t fit in with the other mothers. She doesn’t strive to be a perfect mom; she is just trying to get through the day. When Kate arrives at the home of perfect mom Kitty Cavanaugh for a lunch date, she discovers Kitty’s dead body on the kitchen floor.

The local police have no suspects so Kate, a former reporter, begins her own investigation into Kitty’s murder. She enlists the help of her best friend, Janie Segal, of the carpet Segals. Janie’s wealth and connections easily provide access for Kate to certain people and information. And Janie’s access to LexisNexis proves invaluable.

Kate is hindered in her investigation by her husband, who thinks she should be minding her own business, and taking care of his dry cleaning.  And, it seems that many of the perfect moms of Upchurch have something to hide from Kate’s print eyes. Add to the mix an old flame of kate’s who has done private investigation work for Kitty Cavanaugh, and you have a fun and funny.


Published in hardcover-Atria Books-2005
Softcover edition-Washington Square Press-2006

Goodnight Nobody: A Novel


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