Kept in the Dark

Kept in the Dark is the debut novel of British author Penny Hancock. It was published in Great Britain as Tideline, an equally apt title. I received this book from LibraryThing EarlyReviewers program. As Always I am grateful for the opportunity to receive a free book, especially one that I would probably not otherwise happen upon.

However-this is one of the few books I could not actually finish. It tells the story of the abduction of a 15 year old boy by a woman he has met briefly. In an unusual take on the abduction theme, it is written from the point of view of the abductor. I read the first third of the book and skimmed the rest. I wanted to see what happened to the characters, but I could just not read it all. It was too, too creepy for me.

So-I really can’t recommend it or not recommend it. I’ll just say if you like this type of book, go ahead and give it a try.


Published in softcover-Plume-2012

Kept in the Dark: A Novel


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