Arctic Fire

Arctic Fire author
Stephen W. Frey

Stephen W. Frey is another one of those authors whose books I can’t believe I haven’t read before. While sometimes his phrasing is a bit stilted and awkward, I really enjoyed Arctic Fire, his latest novel. At some point, I’ll make it my business to read some of his earlier worksbb as well.

Arctic Fire is a fast paced spy thriller. The espionage all happens in the United States, and a super-secret U.S. intelligence agency is responsible. “Red Cell Seven”  not only spies on U.S. citizens, it is responsible for numerous acts of vigilante justice. Even the President is not aware of all the murder and mayhem that RC7 is causing.

The action centers on Jack Jensen, the 30 year old adopted son of wealthy and powerful banker Bill Jensen and his wife Cheryl. Jack’s younger brother Troy is the Jensen’s natural son and, Jack believes, the favored child.Troy is an extraordinary athlete, and a dare devil. When the Jensen family learns that Troy has died while working on a king crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea, they are shocked. But Jack soon realizes that something is amiss. Troy has been able to cheat death on so many occasions, Jack cannot believe that a mere 70 foot rogue wave is responsible for sweeping Troy overboard, while other members of the crew of the Arctic Fire survived.

Jack soon quits his job, and tells his father that he is traveling to Alaska to find out the truth of Troy’s disappearance. Bill tries to dissuade Jack, which seems suspicious.As soon as Jack leaves Bill’s office, he is nearly run down on the street by a speeding van. As he begins his journey, other events occur which only affirm to Jack that something very strange and sinister is going on.

Obviously Frey is a great believer in conspiracy theories, and Arctic Fire involves one of the more extensive and bizarre conspiracy theories I’ve read. But the characters are interesting, and the plot moves along nicely. I really enjoyed reading it.


Published in soft cover-Thomas & Mercer-2012

Arctic Fire


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