The Aviator’s Wife

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The world’s fascination with Charles Lindbergh is never-ending. In 1927, he became the most famous man in the world-a true modern American hero. His historic solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in his monoplane The Spirit of St. Louis captured the world’s imagination. In 1929 he married Anne Morrow. Her father Dwight was Lindbergh’s financial adviser at J.P. Morgan and, as a friend of President Calvin Coolidge, appointed U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and later elected as a U.S. Senator from New Jersey. In 1932 their toddler son, Charles Lindbergh Jr., was kidnapped from their home in New Jersey.  The search for Charlie, the discovery of his body six weeks later, and the subsequent trial, conviction, and execution of Bruno Hauptmann was a media circus. Then before the U.S. entry into World War II, Lindbergh became known as an anti-Semitic, Nazi loving isolationist.and went from the most loved man in America to one of the most hated.

The Aviator’s Wife focuses on the inner emotional life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh. While she was a licensed pilot and her husband’s navigator on many of his pioneering flights, over time she was relegated to living in his shadow. After Charlie’s kidnapping, the Lindberghs left the United States to live in Europe. Even after returning to live in the U.S., and settling eventually in Connecticut, Anne stayed home to raise their children. Charles left for weeks and months at a time, and the family never knew where he was or when he would return.An educated and intelligent woman, Anne eventually found her voice and published a successful book, Gift From the Sea.

Anne eventually carves out a life for herself, separate from her husband and children. The Aviator’s Wife is the story of her journey from naive college student, to wife, mother, widow. It is poignant and sad. Set against the backdrop of 20th century America, it is also a history lesson and a discourse on the power of the media to shape people’s lives and destinies.It is moving, well-written, and a compelling story. Many thanks to LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program for sending this book to me. And kudos to author Melanie Benjamin! This could not have been an easy book to write, and she has done a masterful job.

Author Melanie Benjamin


Hardcover edition-Delacorte Press-to be published January 2013

The Aviator’s Wife: A Novel


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