The Violets of March

Author Sarah Jio

Author Sarah Jio

The Violets of March is the debut novel of Seattle based author Sarah Jio. She has since published two more books, with another title due in May. This novel is good, in a formulaic kind of way.

A recently divorced woman leaves her high-style Manhattan life to return to the island where she spent her childhood summers. She hopes to heal herself from the scars of her broken life. On the island she finds mystery and romance, as well as the key to a childhood where she felt her family favored her younger sister over her.

Boo hoo!

Emily Wilson has led a charmed life in her twenties. She published a best-seller, and married a handsome and wealthy man. The she spent years suffering from writer’s block. When her marriage fails, she runs to Bainbridge Island, off the coast of Seattle. Her Aunt Bee still lives in the home where Emily spent her childhood summers.

Although I have never been to Bainbridge Island, Jio’s strength as a writer is the way she can conjure up a place. The island seems very real to me, much more so than the characters.

This book was amusing and easy to read, but I guess that I will not remember it after I finish writing this review!


Published in hardcover-Penguin 2011
Softcover edition-Plume-2011

The Violets of March: A Novel


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