The Transplant

I always applaud the author who the ability and grit to pen a long novel-such as this nearly 500 page tome by Alexandra Ulysses. However-and this is a big however-The Transplant is one of the dreariest, most dreadful books I’ve come across. It was sent to me from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. I’m always excited and grateful when I receive the e-mail that I’ve won a new book; it’s like being chosen for a new adventure. But this was awful.

I will confess that I managed to slog through the first 124 pages, then skipped to the final 20 pages. I won’t recount the plot here, but suffice to say it not the least compelling. The main character is naive, selfish, whiny. The other characters in the book are equally unlikeable.

So-I do not recommend this book at all, and will be purging it from my home as soon as possible!



Published in hardcover-United Arts Media-2010


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