Imperfect Harmony

Author Stacy Horn

Author Stacy Horn

Imperfect Harmony is Stacy Horn‘s memoir about singing in an amateur choir. The choir has added depth and meaning to Horn’s life. But this book is much more than that. It is also a brief history of choral singing. Horn touches on the lives of the composers of great choral music, and much of that is fascinating. There are also very interesting passages on the research which has shown the benefits that music, and singing in particular, has for people.

Horn sings with The Choral Society, which is associated with Grace Church in New York City. The Choral Society is one of the premiere amateur musical groups in the city. As part of her well-documented research for this book, Horn has interviews fellow choir members, as well as the choir director and the associate director. All have a unique perspective on choral singing and on The Choral Society.

Grace Church is an old, established Episcopal congregation. Most interesting to me in this book is Horn’s exploration of the dichotomy between her non-belief and the inspiration she receives from performing some of the most religious choral works written.

I really enjoyed reading Imperfect Harmony. As an amateur musician myself, I feel that Horn did a masterful job in explaining how being part of a musical group can enhance one’s own life. I play in a community band, and every year I look forward to that first e-mail with our rehearsal and performance schedule.

Many thanks to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for sending me this book!


Published in softcover-Algonquin Books-2013

Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others


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