Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone

Sandra Bullock as
Dr. Ryan Stone

First of all-this movie had received a tremendous amount of pre-opening publicity. And for me, the main effect was that I didn’t think I could deal with sitting through a feature length film with someone in a space suit the whole time. For all the other claustrophobia sufferers out there-don’t worry; I managed to deal with it, you probably can too!

George Clooney is Matt Kowalski, the Commander of the mission that includes Bullock’s Ryan Stone as a doctor on her first space mission. While on an extra-vehicular repair mission, their craft is bombarded by debris from a Russian satellite. Their spacecraft is destroyed, and Kowalski and Stone are the sole survivors. Due to the debris field, all communication with Houston is severed. Their only hope of returning to Earth is either a rescue mission (not likely considering the only oxygen they have is what is in their personal supply) or getting to the nearby Chinese space station.

This movie has great visuals. The views of Earth from 600 km are spectacular. The action sequences (mainly space disasters) are frightening.

It’s hard to imagine in this day and age that a movie would only have two characters, plus the disembodied voice of Ed Harris at Mission Control in Houston. But Gravity really does capture and keep your attention. Everything that I have read about Gravity indicates that it is scientifically accurate. I also read that the astronauts were filmed separately on a “green screen”, and did not actually interact. And yet the dialogue is quite real seeming.

Due to the above mentioned claustrophobia issues, as well as timing, I was happy not to see Gravity in 3-D.But I sure it would be really spectacular for those who can stand it.

I think Gravity is a really good movie, and probably important to see if you want to get in on those Monday morning water cooler conversations.


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